Committee on Agriculture (COAG)

27th Session of the Committee on Agriculture

The 27th Session of the Committee on Agriculture will be conducted as a virtual event from 28 September to 2 October 2020.

During the 2020 sessions, delegates will discuss Sustainable Livestock for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a main theme, and other items such as the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on food security and nutrition and food systems,  the Voluntary Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Waste reduction, the Rural Youth Action Plan, the proposal for a COAG Livestock Subcommittee, Operationalizing the food systems approach,  FAO’s strategy on nutrition, Food safety, FAO’s Urban Food Agenda, Sustainable drylands agricultural systems, Preventing and responding to high-impact animal and plant diseases and pests, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), Mainstreaming Biodiversity and other items emanating from the last COAG and other Governing Bodies.

As FAO’s main technical advisory committee on agriculture, COAG will review the central role of food and agriculture for achieving SDGs and will provide guidance on further strengthening FAO’s contribution to the SDG Decade of Action.

2020 Theme: Sustainable Livestock for SDGs

The livestock sector is a key driver for a sustainable agricultural development. It contributes directly or indirectly to each of the 17 SDGs. A sustainable livestock farming must improve food security, nutrition and healthy diets, while fostering an inclusive economic growth, improving livelihoods, sustaining animal health and welfare, and addressing environment issues.

For each of these aspects, the challenges and opportunities for the livestock sector will be discussed during COAG 27, as well as the need for a holistic and inclusive approach to its policy and technical actions for achieving the SDGs.

Joining the event

Registering for the 27th Session of the Committee on Agriculture

Members’ accreditation for the 27th Session of the Committee on Agriculture opened on 12 August 2020, on the Members Gateway. Please note that each delegate will need to insert in the form an email account for accreditation. The same email address should be inserted in the Zoom registration form, to grant the participant access to the virtual meeting platform.

Designated observers are kindly requested to send names, official titles, addresses and email accounts to attend the Session, by e-mail to [email protected], together with a recent passport-size digital photograph.

The link to access the virtual meeting will be made available upon receipt of the above information.

For further instructions please refer to this link.

For clarifications or questions kindly contact [email protected].