General Information for Participants

Information for participants:

For a comprehensive document containing information about FAO Headquarters, services, facilities and venues, please click here:
Information for participants

Sustainable Events at FAO Headquarters:

Managing and reducing the environmental impactresulting from FAO’s activities is important for the Organization. While at the FAO Headquarters in Rome, we invite visitors to participate in FAO’s Sustainable Events initiative. By taking a brief minute to read the following publication for event attendees, you can help FAO be more sustainable in its operations.

FAO HQ Sustainable Event - Principles for Participants 

FAO spends a significant amount of resources assisting in the agricultural development of areas that are often those most vulnerable to climate change. We as an organization must also effectively play our own part in combating climate change through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reductions and sustainability management. Failing to do so would be hindering the efforts towards fulfilling FAO’s strategic objectives.


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Map of FAO Headquarters:

For a map of FAO Headquarters please click here: Map of FAO Headquarters 

Map of the subway system of Rome

For a map of subway system of Rome as well as the train connecting Rome to Fiumicino Airport: Click here 

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