COFI Membership

Membership of the Committee, which is open to all Members of the Organization shall be composed of those Member Nations which notify the Director-General in writing of their desire to become Members of the Committee and of their intention to participate in its work. Such notification may be made at any time but no later than 10 days before the opening date of a session. Membership acquired on the basis thereof shall be considered valid unless the Member has not been represented at two consecutive sessions of the Committee, or has notified its withdrawal from it.

The deadline for submission of Notifications for the 31st Session of COFI is 30 May 2014

For a list of FAO Members, who are currently members of the Committee on Fisheries please click here: List of COFI Members

Member countries of FAO which have not yet submitted their COFI Membership Notification form are encouraged to do so. Click here to access the form: COFI Membership Notification Form 

last updated:  Friday, April 4, 2014