Delegates and observers are kindly requested to bring their copies to the meeting and to avoid asking for additional copies

Working Documents  
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/1/Rev.1 Provisional Agenda and Timetable 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/2 Report on fish trade-related activities in FAO 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/3 Role of Strategic Objectives (SO) within the FAO reform process 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/4 Fish trade and human nutrition 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/5 Recent developments in fish trade 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/6 Report on the effects of ecolabelling schemes on fisheries 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/7 Best practice guidelines on traceability 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/7/Sup.1 UN fisheries resolution on sustainable fisheries: catch documentation schemes 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/8 Review of market access requirements 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/9 The small-scale sector and its contribution to sustainable livelihoods 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/10 Update on CITES related activities 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/11 Monitoring implementation of article 11 of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) 
Information Papers  
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.1 Provisional list of documents 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.2 Provisional list of delegates and participants
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.3 Text of opening address
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.4 Report of the thirteenth session of the COFI Sub-Committee on Fish Trade (R996), Hyderabad, India, 20–24 February 2012
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.5 Report of the seventh session of the COFI Sub-Committee on Aquaculture, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 7–11 October 2013 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.6 Review and analysis of current traceability practices 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.7 Summaries of the Report of the Fourth FAO Expert Advisory Panel for the assessment of proposals to amend Appendices I and II of CITES Concerning Commercially-exploited Aquatic Species, Rome 3–9 December 2012 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.8 Summary of FAO Member's responses to the questionnaire on the implementation of Article 11 of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.9 Evidence on utilization of the FAO draft evaluation framework and the economic impact from ecolabelling on returns to the fisheries sector 
COFI:FT/XIV/2014/Inf.10 Statement of competence and voting rights by the European Union and its Member States 


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