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FAO and Facebook

About Facebook

Facebook is a social networking Web site found at www.facebook.com. Individual users establish their own personal profiles, connect with friends and acquaintances, and share information and content of all kinds. They can also join Facebook-based networks organized according to location, school, university, workplace, or area of interest.

Companies and institutions use Facebook, too – as a means of interacting with customers and interested followers – for fundraising, disseminating news, driving traffic to their corporate Web sites, and generally building their brands. Users who like what they see on an organization’s Facebook page sign up as “fans”. When an organization posts news via Facebook, its fans can react with comments immediately visible on the page.

FAO’s presence on Facebook

FAO’s corporate “fan page” is a dynamic presence with thousands of fans worldwide and growing every day. The objective here is to position FAO, amplify its messages, and illustrate its mandate and priorities in a balanced way. As it continues to grow, the Facebook corporate fan page will be one of the key platforms for mobilizing support for FAO and its work.

This page is managed by the OCC. Creation of additional channels (e.g. by decentralized offices, by headquarters units) is not allowed. The proliferation of FAO Facebook pages competes with and harms the corporate profile and can present a fragmented and unbalanced message to the social networking world.

FAO’s policy on Facebook

For the Organization

The Organization’s policy is to have a single corporate presence on Facebook. The aim is to nurture and increase the present fan base through a lively communication approach that presents the Organization’s activities and priorities in a balanced way. As the fan base continues to grow, Facebook will become an ever more important platform for mobilizing support for the Organization and its objectives.

This means that FAO groups, projects, headquarters units and decentralized offices are asked to refrain from establishing their own FAO profiles on Facebook. Instead, units / offices are invited to support the Organization-wide Facebook profile, by promoting the link on their Web pages when and where they consider it appropriate, and proposing content to be posted on FAO’s corporate Facebook fan page. 

You can send all proposed content to OCC, but we would ask that you bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • include a photo (405x405 pixels minimum) or a link to a photo in Mediabase or Flickr (See: FAO and Flickr)
  • include a link to a fao.org webpage where people can learn more about the topic if they wish
  • posts should be kept short - ideally to around 40 words.

For employees

Employees with personal Facebook accounts are welcome to share anything they find interesting or topical from the FAO Web site or from the FAO Facebook page – especially news and multimedia – with their Facebook friends.

Even with their personal Facebook accounts, FAO employees in all categories are asked to observe the ground rules for use of social media at FAO.