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FAO and Google+

About Google+

Google+ is a social networking Web site found at https://plus.google.com/. Individual users establish their own personal profiles, connect with friends, acquaintances, and share information and content of all kinds.

Companies and institutions use Google+ as a means of interacting with customers and interested followers – for fundraising, disseminating news, driving traffic to their corporate Web sites, and generally building their brands. Users who like what they see on an organization’s Google+ page can “+1”(equivalent to a Facebook ‘like’) , comment on posts or reshare the information in their own profile. When an organization posts news via Google+, page followers can react with comments immediately visible on the page. User’s become followers by adding a page to one of their “circles”.

FAO’s presence on Google+

FAO’s corporate page (https://plus.google.com/+UNFAO/) is a dynamic presence with hundreds of followers worldwide and growing every day. The objective here is to position FAO, amplify its messages, and illustrate its mandate and priorities in a balanced way. As it continues to grow, the Google+ corporate fan page will be one of the key platforms for mobilizing support for FAO and its work.

This page is managed by OCC. Creation of additional channels (e.g. by decentralized offices, by headquarters units) is currently not allowed. The proliferation of FAO Google+ pages competes with and harms the corporate profile, dilutes search engine optimization (SEO) benefits,  and can present a fragmented and unbalanced message to the social networking world.

Units / offices wishing to propose content for FAO’s corporate page should contact the OCC (Social-Media@fao.org). FAO Google+ managers will help make your content more Google+ friendly before posting.

Tips for employees

When proposing content for Google+, please bear in mind the following:

  • Keep posts short – statistics show posts with less than 40 words get 60% more engagement
  • No jargon – posts need to be written in an informal, down-to-earth style to engage the general public
  • Always include a relevant link to a Web site within fao.org or to a PDF in the document repository that provides more information about your content
  • Posts with a strong visual element work best – if possible, include a relevant and visually striking high-resolution image (with photographer’s credit) or infographic. Images currently perform better than videos in terms of readers “+1”ing and resharing content.
  • Our fans react well to surprising statistics (Did you know?, etc.), news about projects in the field, stories with a human face (“Meet Idris. He’s a farmer who…”, etc.), new publications with a broad reach, and tie-ins to world ‘days’ (e.g. World Milk Day)
  • Ask interesting questions and set quizzes – encourage interaction with your posts
  • As soon as possible after your content has been posted, be proactive in getting your immediate team to “+1” it and share it on their Google+ page – this helps maximize the post’s reach.

We currently post in English, but occasionally post in other official languages.

Please read the ground rules for use of social media at FAO.