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FAO and LinkedIn

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site, found at www.linkedin.com, used for professional interaction. Users create professional profiles, connect with other people in their fields, exchange experiences and information, and network for professional purposes.

The main feature of the site is to allow users to maintain a contact list of people with whom they have some level of relationship, called Connections. This list of connections can then be used in a number of ways, e.g. to find jobs, search for potential candidates. LinkedIn also allows users to research companies with which they may be interested in working, get statistics about the company and learn about available job offers.

FAO’s presence on LinkedIn

FAO’s corporate page, managed by OCC, is available via:  www.linkedin.com/company/fao/.

Sharing information via LinkedIn

Units / offices wishing to propose content for FAO’s corporate page should contact OCC (Social-Media@fao.org).

Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn permits the creation of groups that share interest in specific initiatives or projects. The functionalities include posting or answering questions and posting job offers or responding to job offers.

LinkedIn groups support a limited form of discussion area, moderated by the group owners and managers.

Groups may be private, accessible to members only or may be open to all LinkedIn users in general to read, though they must join in order to post messages.

FAO-related LinkedIn Groups will be attached to personal LinkedIn accounts, as LinkedIn does not allow creation of generic/non-personal accounts.  Therefore, Owner of all FAO-related groups should inform OCC once they create a group and ensure one or more colleagues are assigned as co-managers.  The day-to-day management of the activities of the group (such as approval of new participants, comments, etc.) will be managed by the group managers.

Before establishing a FAO LinkedIn Group, please meet with OCC to register the name of the group and receive a briefing on LinkedIn. Units in decentralized offices should do the same via email or telephone.