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FAO and SlideShare

About SlideShare

SlideShare, found at www.slideshare.com, is an online service for hosting and sharing files created using Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote and Open Office. Unregistered users can view slides on the site, while registered users can also upload and/or download slides. The slides uploaded to SlideShare can also be embedded into Web sites, Blogs and shared via Twitter.

Currently, FAO maintains a corporate SlideShare account:

Creation of additional channels (e.g. by decentralized offices, by headquarters units) is currently not allowed. If you wish to share FAO content via SlideShare, please write to OCC.

FAO’s policy on SlideShare


All uploaded material must belong to FAO, i.e. be part of FAO's intellectual property. In addition, the material that is uploaded to the FAO SlideShare channel must be of adequate quality to be relevant to the activities of the Organization and reflect positively on the Organization.

The following guidelines must be respected:

  • exercise discretion when slide shows cover sensitive issues. As a rule, presentations created for internal FAO audiences should not be shared publicly.
  • confidential information should be respected, as should embargoes on unreleased publications or other work in progress.
  • slides should be neatly prepared and checked for possible errors of spelling or typography.
  • any visual effects should be well executed
  • do not use any material under copyright (footage, still photography, music, text, audio)

All FAO publications/documents should be uploaded to the FAO Corporate Document Repository.

How to upload FAO presentation to SlideShare

All presentations will be added to the FAO Official SlideShare channel: http://www.slideshare.net/FAOoftheUN.

Send your request to upload the presentation (ensuring all of the abovementioned requirements are met) to OCC. Be sure to download the request form [for single presentation] [for multiple presentations], complete it and attach it to your request.

Once the presentations have been added to the corporate SlideShare account you can:

  • Embed one or more presentations in a FAO page
  • Add a link to the presentations on a FAO page 

For employees

Please read the ground rules for use of social media at FAO.