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Publications - This book is a much-expanded and updated edition of a previous volume, published in 1996 as ‘No-tillage Seeding: Science and  Practice’. The base objective remains to describe in lay terms, a range of international experiments designed to examine the causes of successes and failures in no-tillage. It summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of no-tillage in general, but takes the view that the case for widespread adoption of no-tillage has already been made by others. The authors have been involved in designing new equipment, but the new edition is notless promotional of any particular product but does highlight the pros and cons of a range of features...
Technical guidelines - Conservation agriculture holds special promise for Africa, where farming communities face the problems of low yields, impoverished soils, lack of capital, and labour shortages brought on by the scourge of AIDS. It is a way to improve the livelihoods of millions of people and achieve sustainable agriculture over a wide area. Conservation agriculture is not a technology, but an approach to farming. It is based on three simple principles: * Disturb the soil as little as possible,* Keep the soil covered, and* Mix and rotate crops. Farmers can choose from many different technologies to do this. By applying theseprinciples, they can improve their...
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