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Corporate Environmental Responsibility Strategy 2017-2020

As part of the 2030 Agenda and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, with this Strategy FAO is committing to:

  1. Continue monitoring the environmental impact of its functional operations;
  2. Improve its ecological performance by reducing GHG emissions by 5.4% (compared to 2015) both at HQ and in Decentralized Offices and continue offsetting the remaining unavoidable emissions;
  3. Embrace the circular economy principles in procurement and waste management;
  4. Develop Environmental Management Systems for key Decentralized Offices.


In line with the Corporate Environmental Responsibility Policy, FAO manages its functional operations (i.e. facilities management, travel and procurement) to safeguard the ecosystems hence the communities that inhabit them. This
Report outlines FAO’s main achievements in planning and taking action to nurture sustainability at Headquarters (HQ) and in Decentralized Offices (DOs) in 2017.