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Nationally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (NIAHS)

In these territories, small producers and indigenous communities have generated and maintained knowledge, technologies and labour over centuries.  As a result, the products and...

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Chile REDD-plus results-based payments for results period 2014-2016

Chile is initiating the implementation of a USD 63,6 million project financed by the Green Climate Fund for having successfully...

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Chile has a great variety of unique products of global value that enriches the planet's biodiversity. Different fruits and crops are adapted to the wide range of climates and soils that characterize this long, narrow country extending from the Atacama Deserts near Arica in the north to the sub-Antartica tundra of Magallanes to the south.

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The Chilean or white strawberry (Fragaria chiloensis) is an endemic crop, with a wonderful aroma, excellent flavor and great resistance to...
The Chilean native potato or chilota potato, named for its center of origin, Chiloé, is the only native potato adapted to long...

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Country programming framework

France has long been an active and generous resource partner, working closely with FAO in support of shared food security and agricultural development goals. French expertise and seconded personnel make a vital contribution to the achievement of the Organization’s mandate, and the country plays a major role in catalysing global and regional cooperation. France continues to support a wide range of programmes, with a recent focus on food security governance, climate change and resilience, agro‑ecology, family farming, animal health, and sustainable management of forests and lands.


FAO projects in Chile

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
UTF /CHI/046/CHI Apoyar a la Agencia Chilena para la Calidad e Inocuidad Alimentaria (ACHIPIA) en su contribución al 2018 202083,610$
GCP /CHI/047/GCR Actualizacion del Plan de Adaptación al cambio Climático del sector Silvoagropecuario 2019 2022460,548$
GCP /CHI/041/GFF Establish a Network of National Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (NIAHS) (FSP) 2018 20223,046,347$
GCP /CHI/033/GFF Mainstreaming conservation and valuation of critically endangered species and ecosystems in development-frontier production landscapes in the regions of Arica y Parinacota and Biobío (FSP) 2017 20212,411,416$
GCP /CHI/034/GFF Strengthening and development of instruments for the management, prevention and control of beaver (Castor canadensis), an invasive alien species in the Chilean Patagonia 2017 20212,153,882$
GCP /CHI/039/SCF Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector (FSP) 2017 20212,500,000$
GCP /CHI/042/GFF Establish a Network of National Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (NIAHS) (PPG) 2016 2021150,000$
GCP /CHI/032/GFF Integrated National Monitoring and Assessment System on Forest Ecosystems (SIMEF) in support of policies, regulations and SFM practices incorporating REDD+ and biodiversity conservation in forest ecosystems (FSP) 2015 20206,293,686$
UNJP/CHI/049/UNJ NODO platform: Improving social protection and inclusion of the elderly through ICT 2020 2021359,990$
UNJP/CHI/044/UNJ-GLOBAL Programa Nacional ONU-REDD Chile 2017 2020856,000$

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