Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/BRA/3602/C2 TCPF: Promover y Subsidiar la implementación de la Política Nacional de Asistencia Técnica y Extensión Rural en Brasil para la Agricultura Familiar 2017 201847,000$
TCP/BRA/3603/C3 TCPF: Fortalecimiento de Intercambio comercial agrícola transfronterizo (Brasil-Bolivia) 2017 201832,000$
TCP/BRA/3604/C4 TCPF: Formulation of a project to strengthen the role of INCRA in rural resgistry 2017 201820,000$
TCP/BRA/3601/C1 TCPF: Formulación de proyectos de erradicación de la pobreza rural y gestión del medio ambiente. 2016 201732,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
MTF /BRA/010/ITB Agreement between Itaipu Binacional and FAO 2013 2020660,001$
UTF /BRA/085/BRA Support to the Improvement and Consolidation of the Brazilian National Policy on Food Security and Nutrition 2013 20185,956,936$
UTF /BRA/084/BRA Toward Sustainable Development in Aquaculture 2011 20188,349,147$
UTF /BRA/083/BRA New production and social organization of Brazilian family farming - a need 2010 20199,002,010$
UTF /BRA/081/BRA The National Forest Programme Consolidation Project 2010 20171,491,708$
UTF /BRA/082/BRA Project for rehabilitation of degraded areas in the Amazon 2010 2017749,334$
GCP /BRA/086/GFF Reversing Desertification Process in Susceptible Areas of Brazil: Sustainable Agroforestry Practices and Biodiversity Conservation (PPG) 2014 2017130,000$
GCP /BRA/078/GFF Integrated Management of the Ilha Grande Bay Ecosystem (FSP) 2011 20182,300,002$
GCP /BRA/079/GFF Strengthening National Policy and Knowledge Frameworks in Support of Sustainable Management of Brazil`s Forest Resources (FSP) 2011 20188,849,999$