Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/DRK/3801 Technical support to soybean production for improving nutritional status of urban and rural populations 2020 2022402,000$
TCP/DRK/3802 Technical support to enhance capacity for technology transfer and extension to increase production and income for farmers/rural population 2020 2022350,000$
TCP/DRK/3803 Enhancing coastal livelihoods and food security through aquaculture development of the Pacific oyster along the western coast of DPR Korea 2020 2022450,000$
TCP/DRK/3706 Enhancing coastal livelihoods and food security in the provinces of South Hamgyon and Kangwon in DPR Korea through improved marine bivalve aquaculture practices 2020 2021372,000$
TCP/DRK/3804 Strengthening household food security stressed by effects of COVID-19 pandemic containment measures in DPR Korea 2020 2021500,000$
TCP/DRK/3701 Seed potato multiplication to improve food security of the people of Paekam County, Ryanggang province 2018 2021390,000$
TCP/DRK/3702 Support sustainable rice cropping in reclaimed areas for increased grain production 2018 2021410,000$
TCP/DRK/3703 Promotion of capacity in biocontrol for sustainable greenhouse vegetable production 2018 2021400,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/DRK/001/CHA Supporting production of vegetables and soybean to improve nutrition of children, women and patients at pre-school nurseries, hospitals and household level 2020 2021700,000$