Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/SUD/3702 Watershed Management to Strengthen Resilience to rain-fed Dry Spells in Gadaref State ? Sudan 2019 2021396,000$
TCP/SUD/3703 Development of Date Palm Products and By-products Value Chains in Sudan 2019 2021400,000$
TCP/SUD/3704 Emergency assistance to restore and improve food and nutrition security of the disaster-affected households in North, South and West Darfur states 2019 2020500,000$
TCP/SUD/3701/C1 TCPF: Development of National Food Loss and Waste Strategy and Action Plan 2018 202099,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
UNFA/SUD/091/UND Building Resilient Communities in Blue Nile State 2019 2021939,222$
OSRO/SUD/902/USA Strengthening Food Security and Livelihoods Sector coordination mechanisms and provide humanitarian livelihood support to vulnerable IDPs, returnees and host communities in Darfur 2019 20201,000,000$
OSRO/SUD/903/USA Strengthening Food Security and Livelihoods Sector coordination mechanism and provide humanitarian livelihood support to IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host communities in South Kordofan, West Kordofan and Blue Nile States 2019 20201,000,000$
OSRO/SUD/906/UMD Improve crop and livestock productivity in Darfur states and contribute to peaceful co-existance 2019 20201,122,853$
OSRO/SUD/907/CHA Restoring and improving crop and livestock-based livelihoods of IDPs, Returnees, South Sudanese Refugees (SSRs) and Vulnerable Resident Population in South Darfur, Central Darfur, North Darfur and South Kordofan states 2019 20202,000,000$
UTF /SUD/079/SUD Support for the design of the MRV System in the framework of REDD+ Readiness in the Sudan 2016 20203,323,024$
GCP /SUD/084/EC Greater Stability in Eastern Sudan through better and more informed Decision-Making in Food Security 2018 20227,453,416$
GCP /SUD/074/EC Promote the provision for legitimate land tenure rights using VGGT to conflict displaced communities including small scale rural farmers, pastoralist, and IDPs in Darfur region 2016 20203,327,747$
UNJP/SUD/088/UID Upgrading the Sudanese Sesame seeds value chain 2018 2021291,088$
UNJP/SUD/080/EC Improved nutritional status of vulnerable and deprived communities in Sudan through large scale food fortification, home fortification, and the introduction of bio-fortified crops in rural communities 2016 20201,130,308$