Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/SSD/3802 Forest Ecosystem Enhancement to Reduce GHG Emission and Improve Community Resilience in South Sudan 2020 2022500,000$
TCP/SSD/3801 Emergency Preparedness and Response to Desert Locust Outbreak in South Sudan 2020 2021500,000$
TCP/SSD/3702 Response to increased livestock disease outbreaks in South Sudan 2019 2020250,000$
TCP/SSD/3703 Rapid livelihood assistance to flood affected populations in South Sudan 2019 2020500,000$
TCP/SSD/3701 Development of Pesticide Management Legal Framework in South Sudan 2018 2020500,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/SSD/906/NET Fisher Community Resilience Enhancement Project (FICREP) 2020 20245,000,000$
OSRO/SSD/002/JPN Revitalizing Marial Lou Livestock Training Institute and support to vulnerable pastoralists in South Sudan 2020 20211,000,000$
OSRO/SSD/005/USA 2020 Emergency Livelihood Response Programme, South Sudan 2020 202125,000,000$
OSRO/SSD/008/EC Emergency Livelihood Response to the Desert Locust infestation in South Sudan 2020 20211,085,776$
OSRO/SSD/003/USA Emergency livestock support for agro-pastoralists in South Sudan 2020 20202,000,000$
OSRO/SSD/009/USA COVID-19 - Grow your own vegetable kit: Promoting home gardening for improved nutritional status among vulnerable households in Juba, Nimule, Wau and Aweil towns, South Sudan 2020 20202,200,494$
OSRO/SSD/905/NET 2020 Emergency Livelihood Response Programme, South Sudan 2020 20204,500,000$
OSRO/SSD/801/EC South Sudan Rural Development: Strengthening Smallholders/ Resilience / SORUDEV SSR 2019 20232,277,200$
OSRO/SSD/804/NOR Emergency Livelihood Response Programme in South Sudan 2018-2020 2018 202024,606,522$
UNJP/SSD/014/PBF Enhancing Women`s Access to Land to Consolidate Peace in South Sudan 2018 2020500,000$
OSRO/SSD/709/USA Sustainable Agriculture for Economic Resiliency (SAFER) Project in South Sudan 2017 202132,778,925$
OSRO/SSD/509/UK Building Resilience through Asset Creation and Enhancement - Phase Two (BRACE II) 2016 20218,385,949$
OSRO/SSD/604/UK Emergency livelihood support to the most vulnerable households in Greater Upper Nile - HARISS 2016 202136,745,870$
GCP /SSD/011/EC Global Network Against Food Crises Partnership Programme - Country Investment South Sudan 2018 20213,623,188$
OSRO/SSD/703/EC Strengthening the Livelihoods Resilience of Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Communities in South Sudan cross-border areas with Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda 2017 202129,340,427$
UNJP/SSD/015/UNJ Mitigating cattle-related violence in the Tri-State Border Areas of Tonj, Gogrial, and Wau 2019 20213,500,000$