Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/ANG/3802 Improved Agroeconomic Information System for better decision making within Hand in Hand Initiative 2020 2022251,000$
TCP/ANG/3801/C1 TCPF: Technical Assistance to develop GCF project on Sustainable Land, Forest and Water Management in Central Region of Angola 2020 202180,000$
TCP/ANG/3702 Capacity building for strengthening sectorial instruments to accelerate the achievements of the SDG2 2019 2021360,000$
TCP/ANG/3703 Integrated Policy Development for Food Security and Nutrition Strengthening in Angola 2019 2021300,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
UTF /ANG/069/ANG Agro-PRODESI: Acceleration of inclusive & sustainable agribusiness investment in economic corridors 2020 20211,720,074$
UTF /ANG/064/ANG Technical Support for SAMAP Farmer Field Schools Capacity Building and Implementation. 2019 20224,500,000$
UTF /ANG/059/ANG Smallholder Agriculture Development and Commercialization Project (SADCP) of MINAGRI 2017 20217,800,091$
UTF /ANG/061/ANG Recensement de l`Agriculture, de l`Elevage et de la Pêche (RAEP) 2017 20211,500,000$
UTF /ANG/058/ANG Technical assistance in responsible fisheries and products utilization in inland riparian communitie 2016 20212,043,353$
GCP /ANG/055/GFF Sustainable Land Management in target landscapes in Angola´s southwestern region (FSP) 2020 20242,639,726$
GCP /ANG/063/EC FFS/APFS Practices and Methodology Dissemination (EU FRESAN Project Result 1.1) 2020 20236,108,300$
GCP /ANG/061/GFF Land and natural resource degradation neutrality and community vulnerability reduction in selected (PPG) 2019 2021200,000$
GCP /ANG/050/LDF Integrating Climate Resilience into Agricultural and Agropastoral Production Systems through Soil Fertility Management in key Productive and Vulnerable Areas using the Farmers Field Schook Approach 2016 20216,668,182$
UNJP/ANG/067/UNJ Impact Angola Catalytic Finance 2020 2021150,000$