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      SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
      TCP/EGY/3604 Support sustainable water management and irrigation modernization for newly reclaimed areas 2017 2019400,000$
      TCP/EGY/3605 Investment Forum and capacity building for the promotion of agricultural investment in Egypt 2017 2019419,000$
      TCP/EGY/3603 Dates Value Chain Development in Egypt 2016 2018400,000$
      SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
      OSRO/EGY/501/USA Strengthening national capacity for preparedness early detection and response to emerging pandemic threats (EPT-2) 2015 20184,377,271$
      UTF /EGY/025/EGY Technical Audit of Farm-level Irrigation Modernization Project (FIMP) in Egypt 2017 2018299,926$
      GCP /EGY/026/EC Water harvesting and Good Agriculture Practices for Improved Livelihood and Increased and Sustained Production in Matrouh Rain-fed Agricultural areas 2017 2019960,516$
      GCP /EGY/027/EC Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for sustainable improvement of quality and quantity of horticultural production of small-scale farmers in Fayoum 2017 2019747,050$
      GCP /EGY/024/ITA Improving household food and nutrition security in Egypt by targeting women and the youth 2012 20183,000,000$