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      TCP/DRK/3706 Enhancing coastal livelihoods and food security in the provinces of South Hamgyon and Kangwon in DPR Korea through improved marine bivalve aquaculture practices 2020 20210$
      TCP/DRK/3701 Seed potato multiplication to improve food security of the people of Paekam County, Ryanggang province 2018 2020390,000$
      TCP/DRK/3702 Support sustainable rice cropping in reclaimed areas for increased grain production 2018 2020410,000$
      TCP/DRK/3703 Promotion of capacity in biocontrol for sustainable greenhouse vegetable production 2018 2020400,000$
      TCP/DRK/3705 Emergency support to vulnerable households to mitigate the impact of heat wave/drought and floods on agriculture in DPR Korea 2018 2020445,000$
      SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
      OSRO/DRK/901/CHA Post-disaster assistance to reduce post-harvest loss and replat vegetable crops in typhoon-affected 2019 20201,499,890$
      OSRO/DRK/801/SWE Enhancing farm-level capacity to build resilience for improved food security, nutrition and rural livelihoods 2018 2020942,813$