Country Leaflet

SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
TCP/TON/3803/C1 TCPF: Accessing the Green Climate Fund for climate-resilient agriculture 2020 2022100,000$
TCP/TON/3801 Implementing recommendations to strengthen and enhance Tonga`s Special Management Area (SMA) programme towards better-managed coastal fisheries resources and empowered, food secure communities, Phase II of TCP/TON/3603 2020 2021131,000$
TCP/TON/3802 Cattle and sheep production and management in Tonga, Phase II of TCP/TON/3602 2020 202192,000$
TCP/TON/3701 Support to Tonga Horticulture Competitiveness 2019 2021323,000$
TCP/TON/3702 Technical Support for National Forest Inventory 2019 2021169,000$
SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
GCP /TON/001/GFF Integrated Land and Agro-ecosystem Management Systems for Tonga (FSP) 2017 20212,344,954$