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      TCP/SAF/3603/C3 TCPF: Technical Assistance to Smallholder Farmer Identification, Selection and Support in South Africa 2017 201899,000$
      TCP/SAF/3604 Emergency assistance for vulnerable small-scale farmers affected by El Niño-induced drought 2017 2017500,000$
      TCP/SAF/3601/C1 TCPF: Small-Holder Farmer Capacity Development through the Farmer-Field School Approach 2016 201799,989$
      TCP/SAF/3602/C2 TCPF: FAO Technical Assistance to Government of the Republic of South Africa in the development of Vocational Training Strategy for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. 2016 201799,001$
      TCP/SAF/3502 Supporting The Development And Implementation Of Food Security And Nutrition Plan For South Africa 2015 2017401,000$
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