Country Leaflet

SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
TCP/CPR/3803 Sustainable Large-Scale Green Production and Value Promotion of Quinoa in Qinghai 2020 2022210,000$
TCP/CPR/3804 Support to sustainable use and management of sugar crop residues for sustainable production and natural resources conservation 2020 2022200,000$
TCP/CPR/3703 Green Agriculture Development in Hainan based on the Livestock-biogas-Crop Circular Model 2020 2021211,000$
TCP/CPR/3801 Emergency response to mitigate the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the most vulnerable persons in rural areas in China 2020 2021200,000$
TCP/CPR/3702 Agricultural Technology Integration and Demonstration for Green Rice Development in Chongming Island, Shanghai 2019 2021223,000$
TCP/CPR/3704 Poverty Alleviation through E-commerce Oriented Contract Farming in Anhui Province 2019 2021235,000$
SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
MTF /CPR/062/CAS Development of SDG Villages 2019 2022970,000$
GCP /CPR/061/GFF On-farm Conservation and Sustainable Use of Genetic Diversity of Crops originated in China (FSP) 2020 20252,725,688$
GCP /CPR/066/GFF Innovative transformation of China`s food production systems and agro-ecological landscapes 2019 2021160,000$
GCP /CPR/045/GFF Demonstration of Estuarine Biodiversity Conservation Restauration and Protected Area Networking in China (FSP) 2017 20223,516,400$
GCP /CPR/052/GFF Piloting Provincial-level Wetland PA System in Jiangxi Province (previously: Protection and Sustainable Use of Poyang Lake Wetland Ecosystem) (FSP) 2017 20225,289,000$
GCP /CPR/048/GFF Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Land Management in the Soda Saline-alkaline Wetlands Agro Pastoral Landscapes in the Western Area of the Jilin Province (FSP) 2016 20222,627,000$
GCP /CPR/056/GFF Sustainable forest management to enhance the resilience of forests to climate change (FSP) 2016 20227,152,728$
GCP /CPR/057/GFF A new green line: Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation objectives and practices into Chinas Water Resources Management policy and Planning Practice (FSP) 2016 20222,639,726$
GCP /CPR/043/GFF Securing Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use in China`s Dongting Lake Protected Area - (FSP) 2014 20212,950,000$
GCP /CPR/049/GFF China - Securing Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use in Huangshan Muncipality (FSP) 2014 20212,607,273$