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      Country Leaflet

      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      TCP/LEB/3603 Establishment of a food contamination monitoring system prototype in Lebanon 2017 2019275,000$
      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      OSRO/LEB/601/NET Upgrading the technical agriculture education system in Lebanon 2016 20195,200,000$
      OSRO/LEB/602/NET Promotion of Agriculture livelihoods & employment through investment in land reclamation & water reservoirs 2016 20198,250,000$
      UTF /LEB/028/LEB Promotion of Good Agricultural Practices, Including Integrated Pest Management, to reduce agrochemical pollution in upper Litani basin 2016 20201,500,000$
      GCP /LEB/029/SWI Improved Water Resources Monitoring System/IWRM at regional level in Lebanon 2017 20202,432,130$
      GCP /LEB/027/SCF Smart Adaptation of Forest Landscapes in Mountain Areas (SALMA) 2016 20217,147,635$
      GCP /LEB/026/NOR National Center for Forestry Seeds of Lebanon (NCFSL) 2016 2018372,033$