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      Country Leaflet

      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      TCP/MOZ/3701 Support the National Capacity to Address FAW 2018 2019287,000$
      TCP/MOZ/3605 Support to Development and implementation of the Master Plan for Food and Agricultural Statistics - Integrated Agricultural StatisticsSurvey IAI 2016 methodologically improved 2017 2019335,000$
      TCP/MOZ/3604 Development Support to Commercial Aquaculture in Inhambane Province 2017 2018282,000$
      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      OSRO/MOZ/703/AUS Increase resilience of vulnerable communities to the effects of El Niño in Mozambique 2017 20191,768,868$
      UTF /MOZ/123/MOZ FAO`s Technical and Strategic Support to the Implementation of MozFIP 2017 20215,902,145$
      UTF /MOZ/125/MOZ Strengthening National Capacity for Implementation of Farmer Field Schools Methodology 2017 20181,000,000$
      UTF /MOZ/107/MOZ Prevention and Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides and Associated Wastes in Mozambique 2012 20181,879,968$
      GCP /MOZ/117/GFF Payment for ecosystem services to support forest conservation and sustainable livelihoods (FSP) 2017 20223,637,748$
      GCP /MOZ/120/EC Enhancement of cassava value chain in Gaza province 2016 2018558,999$
      GCP /MOZ/112/LDF Strenghtening capacities of agricultural producers to cope with climate change for increased food security through the Farmers Field School approach (FSP) 2015 20199,000,000$
      GCP /MOZ/116/BEL Food Security and Nutrition Program for Gaza Province, Mozambique 2013 20192,952,914$
      GCP /MOZ/111/EC National Programme on Food security - (EU-MDG Initiative - Agriculture, food security, rural development and natural resource management) 2013 201827,392,755$
      GCP /MOZ/100/GFF Disposal of POPS waste and Obsolete Pesticides in Mozambique - (FSP) 2011 20181,950,004$
      UNJP/MOZ/122/WFP Enhancing Self-Reliance in a Protracted Refugee Situation (Maratane Refugee Camp, Mozambique) 2017 2019382,250$