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      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      TCP/ZIM/3701 Support Government in formulation of a National and gender sensitive land policy guided by the VGGT Principles 2019 2021400,000$
      TCP/ZIM/3702 Agrinvest Zimbabwe: Supporting Jobs For Youth Through Private Investment In Agricultural Value Chain 2019 2021359,000$
      TCP/ZIM/3704 Strengthening the Animal Health Systems in Zimbabwe 2019 2021418,000$
      TCP/ZIM/3703 Emergency support to households affected by Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe 2019 2020491,000$
      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      OSRO/ZIM/002/CHA Emergency Response to drought affected farmers in Zimbabwe 2020 20201,000,005$
      OSRO/ZIM/003/BEL Support to farming communities at risk of being impacted by COVID 19 in Zimbabwe 2020 2020400,000$
      OSRO/ZIM/904/OPS Zimbabwe Idai Recovery Project (ZIRP) 2019 202110,499,983$
      GCP /ZIM/032/JPN Sustainable management of human wildlife conflict and promotion of appropriate agricultural practices among vulnerable, food and nutrition insecure communities 2019 2020300,000$
      OSRO/ZIM/905/WFP Integrated Small Grains Project 2019/20 2019 20203,264,627$
      GCP /ZIM/031/UK Addressing gaps in surveillance of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in Zimbabwe 2020 20215,174,166$
      GCP /ZIM/030/EC Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme - Transforming Zimbabwe`s Animal Health and Food Safety Systems for the Future 2019 20223,990,869$
      GCP /ZIM/032/GFF Cross-sector approach: support mainstream of SFLM, enhance ES resilience for improved livelihoods (PPG) 2019 2020300,000$
      GCP /ZIM/025/UK ZIMBABWE LIVELIHOODS AND FOOD SECURITY PROGRAMME (LFSP): Climate Smart Agriculture for Improved Productivity, Nutrition, and Income Security for Smallholder Farmers in Food and Nutrition Insecure Districts 2013 202172,512,338$
      UNJP/ZIM/028/EC Accelerated community actions for reducing stunting in 4 rural districts of Zimbabwe 2017 2020913,502$