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      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      TCP/ERI/3606 Capacity building for the management of small-pelagic fisheries in Eritrea 2017 2019352,000$
      TCP/ERI/3607 Strengthening capacities for the prevention of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) in Eritrea. 2017 2019302,000$
      TCP/ERI/3609 Establishment of a new analytical Laboratory at a food production facility in Dekemhare city, Eritrea 2017 2019319,000$
      TCP/ERI/3610 Strengthening capacities for the prevention of Fall Armyworm (FAW) in Eritrea. 2017 2019245,000$
      TCP/ERI/3605 Emergency assistance for vulnerable smallholder households affected by El Niño induced drought 2017 2017500,000$
      TCP/ERI/3601 Phase II of TCP/ERI/3402 - Strengthening College of Marine Science and Technology, Massawa, Eritrea 2016 2017266,000$
      TCP/ERI/3602/C1 TCPF: Situational analysis for the development of TCP to establish a small analytical laboratory 2016 201740,152$
      TCP/ERI/3603/C2 TCPF: Identification and costing of technical assistance needs for FAO technical interventions to inform the development of a TCP and leverage IFAD`s Fishery Resource Management Program (FReMP). 2016 201751,692$
      TCP/ERI/3604/C3 TCPF: Assessment of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) situation and status of prevention and control measures in Eritrea 2016 201745,031$
      TCP/ERI/3502 Ensuring sustainable apiculture for Eritrea 2015 2017421,000$
      TCP/ERI/3503 Micro-propagation of Date Palm Cultivars using Tissue Culture Techniques 2015 2017426,000$
      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      GCP /ERI/014/GFF Prevention and Disposal of POPs and Obsolete Pesticides in Eritrea - Phase II (FSP) 2012 20172,150,000$
      GCP /ERI/017/JPN Safeguarding and Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides in Eritrea 2012 20171,485,469$