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      Country Leaflet

      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      TCP/AFG/3705/C2 TCPF: Support to the development of National Food Policy 2020 202165,000$
      TCP/AFG/3801 Technical support to address desert locust threat and infestation in Afghanistan 2020 2021200,000$
      TCP/AFG/3703 Strengthening the enabling environment for Food and Nutrition Security Agenda 2019 2020312,000$
      TCP/AFG/3704 Technical Assistance for strengthening institutional capacity in SDG2 Targets 2019 2020340,000$
      TCP/AFG/3706 Strengthening capacity of the National Government to use geospatial technology for evidence based decision making 2019 2020170,000$
      TCP/AFG/3701/C1 TCPF: Development of Project Identification Forms (PIF) for GEF-7 2018 202067,000$
      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      OSRO/AFG/006/USA Safeguarding agriculture-livelihoods and rebuilding near-term resilience of drought-impacted vulnera 2020 20212,000,000$
      OSRO/AFG/908/DEN Integrated emergency agriculture and livelihood assistance to food insecure farming families 2020 20212,886,880$
      OSRO/AFG/002/SWE Emergency agricultural-livelihoods safeguarding and rebuilding livelihoods and eroded coping capacity 2020 20202,139,953$
      OSRO/AFG/003/FRA Near-term resilience building of food-insecure people in Ghor province through emergency food assist 2020 2020218,341$
      OSRO/AFG/004/USA Strengthen coordination of emergency food security response planning, implementation and momitoring 2020 2020550,000$
      OSRO/AFG/005/GER MICA - Minimizing potential Impacts of COVID-19 2020 2020617,000$
      OSRO/AFG/906/CHG Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) 2020 2020200,000$
      OSRO/AFG/904/CHG Emergency livelihoods support to flood-affected farmers in Farah, Helmand, Faryab and Balkh provinces 2019 20202,320,000$
      OSRO/AFG/907/ROK Rebuilding livelihoods and eroded coping capacities of disaster-impacted and food-nutrition vulnerab 2019 2020331,272$
      UTF /AFG/080/AFG Dairy Industry Development in Kabul, Logar and Parwan provinces 2014 20208,521,121$
      UTF /AFG/083/AFG Technical Assistance to SARD, Support to Agriculture and Rural Development, in Karokh and Zindajan districts of Herat Province 2014 2020936,079$
      UTF /AFG/070/AFG Irrigation Restoration and Development Project 2011 202034,704,075$
      GCP /AFG/101/GFF Strengthening capacity in the agriculture and land-use sectors for monitoring and reporting on Afghanistan mitigation and adaptation targets (PPG) 2019 202250,000$
      GCP /AFG/105/GCR Further Strengthening Country Capacity for Engagement with GCF and Direct Access to Climate Finance: (GCF Readiness II) 2019 2022921,647$
      GCP /AFG/095/GER(GIZ) Development of a Geographical Indication System in Afghanistan 2019 2020601,034$
      GCP /AFG/099/GCR Strengthening NEPA through GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme 2019 2020276,497$
      GCP /AFG/103/GFF Combating land degradation and biodiversity loss by promoting sustainable food value chains, product (PPG) 2019 2020200,000$
      GCP /AFG/084/GFF Community-based sustainable land and forest management in Afghanistan 2018 202410,495,873$
      GCP /AFG/096/JCA The Project for Enhancing Rural Livelihoods through Improved Irrigation Facilities in Bamyan, Kabul and Kapisa Provinces 2018 20219,916,870$
      GCP /AFG/097/JPN Project for Improving Economic Growth in the Western Region of Afghanistan through Community Irrigation and Livelihood Enhancement 2018 20215,000,000$
      GCP /AFG/093/SWI Household food and livelihood Security in Bamyan Province 2017 20217,000,000$
      GCP /AFG/087/EC Strengthening Afghanistan Institutions capacity for the assessment of agriculture production and scenario development 2017 20202,736,382$
      GCP /AFG/088/LUX Household Food and Livelihood Security (HFLS) and Support to the Development of an effective Extension System Phase III 2017 20202,322,923$
      GCP /AFG/089/USA Promoting Value Chains- Western Afghanistan 2017 202019,000,000$
      GCP /AFG/091/GER Technical assistance to the Implementation of the Food and Nutrition Security Strategy in Afghanistan 2017 20201,370,000$
      GCP /AFG/081/GFF Reducing GHG emissions by promoting community forestry, removing barriers to sustainable biomass energy, and laying the groundwork for climate change mitigation in Afghanistan (MSP) 2016 20201,735,160$