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      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      TCP/NIR/3801/C1 TCPF: One UN System in Nigeria support to COVID-19 Pandemic preparedness and Response in Nigeria 2020 202098,000$
      TCP/NIR/3701 Piloting the implementation of the national livestock development strategy in selected States 2019 2021491,000$
      TCP/NIR/3702 Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Improved Data and Information Systems for Policy Planning and Tracking the SDGs in Nigeria 2019 2021449,000$
      TCP/NIR/3703/C1 TCPF: School Gardening Project for Better Nutrition 2019 202050,000$
      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      OSRO/NIR/003/EC Restoring livelihood of IDPs, ret and vuln host fam in NE Nigeria and strengthen FS coord and analys 2020 20211,411,509$
      OSRO/NIR/001/SWE Supporting protection-sensitive agricultural livelihoods among IDP, returnee and vulnerable host com 2020 2020744,995$
      OSRO/NIR/002/GER Emergency food security and livelihood assistance to conflict-affected populations in NE Nigeria 2020 20202,262,444$
      OSRO/NIR/805/NOR Building resilient livelihoods in northeast States of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe through climate change 2018 20218,047,005$
      UNJP/NIR/068/EC Restoring and promoting sustainable agriculture based livelihoods for food security, employment, and nutrition improvement in Borno State 2018 202113,867,621$
      AAF/NIR/068/EC Restoring and promoting sustainable agriculture based livelihoods for food security and nutrition im 2017 2020253,555$
      UTF /NIR/048/NIR Technical assistance to the expansion phase of Nigeria`s national programme for food security 2007 202019,640,249$
      GCP /NIR/002/GFF Promoting Integrated Landscape Management & Sustainable Food Systems in the Niger Delta Region in Nigeria (PPG) 2020 2020150,000$
      UNJP/NIR/069/PBF Integrated Approach to Building Peace in Nigeria's Farmer-Herder Crisis 2018 2020692,891$