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      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      TCP/SUR/3702 Support for the reduction of postharvest losses in yardlong beans, papaya and other commodities in Suriname 2020 2021193,000$
      TCP/SUR/3701/C1 TCPF: Development of Animal Identification and Traceability System in Suriname - Phase II of TCP/SUR/3501 2019 202126,000$
      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      GCP /SUR/003/EC Suriname Agriculture Market Access Project (SAMAP) 2018 202115,138,560$
      UNJP/SUR/005/UNJ The Accelerator for Agriculture and Agroindustry Development and Innovation Plus-Pineapple Value Chain 2020 2021100,000$