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      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      TCP/THA/3703 Strengthening the CESRA network for sustainable soil management 2020 2021150,000$
      TCP/THA/3801/C1 TCPF: Agriculture Digitalization Policy Recommendation for Thailand in Support of COVID-19 Recovery 2020 202180,000$
      TCP/THA/3702/C2 TCPF: Management of saline water intrusion impact on nutrient uptake and growth of orchids 2019 202060,000$
      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      UTF /THA/034/THA Technical Assistance for the Development of REDD+ MRV system and Forest Reference Level for Thailand 2018 2020825,001$
      GCP /THA/039/GFF Integrated Forest Landscape Management for Strengthening Northeastern and Eastern Forest Corridors (PPG) 2020 2022150,000$