Country Leaflet

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TCP/UGA/3802 Operationalising a Gender Responsive Uganda National Adaptation Plan for the Agriculture Sector (NAP-Ag) 2020 2022151,000$
TCP/UGA/3804/C2 TCPF: Blockchain and related digital technologies for sustainable agri-food value chain development in Uganda 2020 202291,000$
TCP/UGA/3801 Emergency preparedness and response to Desert Locust infestation in Uganda 2020 2021500,000$
TCP/UGA/3703/C1 TCPF: Institutionalization of field schools through conducive policy environment and mainstreaming into agricultural advisory services in Uganda 2019 202050,000$
TCP/UGA/3704/C2 TCPF: Food Insecurity and Nutrition Measurement in Northern and Eastern Uganda 2019 202073,000$
TCP/UGA/3701 Integrated Livelihood Support to Fishing Communities around Lake Victoria 2018 2021277,000$
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OSRO/UGA/003/USA Desert Locust Impact Assessment in Uganda 2020 2021245,000$
UNJP/UGA/064/WFP-F Evaluating the standalone and combine impacts of social assistance and skills training in the context of northern Uganda?s refugee and host communities 2020 202150,000$
GCP /UGA/058/EC FAO AgrInvest initiative in support to the Uganda Development Bank (UDB) 2020 20222,443,336$
GCP /UGA/059/CPR Capacity development on Sustainable Soil Management for Africa (1) - Uganda 2020 2022500,000$
GCP /UGA/043/LDF Integrating climate resilience into agricultural and pastoral production in Uganda, through a Farmer/Agro-pastoralist Field School Approach (FSP) 2019 20246,886,838$
GCP /UGA/054/EC Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA)+Scaling up Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change in Uganda 2018 20239,109,600$
GCP /UGA/055/SWE Climate Resilient Livelihood Opportunities for Women Economic Empowerment (CRWEE) Project in Karamoja and West Nile Regions of Uganda 2018 20238,968,448$
GCP /UGA/044/GFF Food-IAP: Fostering Sustainability and Resilience for Food Security in Karamoja Sub Region (FSP - implemented jointly with UNDP - FAO component) 2017 20223,550,024$
GCP /UGA/047/EC Sawlog Production Grant Scheme III (SPGS III) 2015 202116,931,217$
UNJP/UGA/049/UNJ Capacity building for prevention and mitigation of impact of HIV and AIDS in Karamoja through food and nutrition security 2017 2020831,726$