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      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      TCP/ETH/3604 Emergency assistance to contain the spread of fall armyworm outbreak 2017 2018459,000$
      TCP/ETH/3602 Supporting the energy needs of refugees and host communities through the establishment of sustainable wood fuel management strategies and plans in Ethiopia 2016 2018304,000$
      TCP/ETH/3603 Transforming livelihoods of Tekeze Reservoir fishing communities through value addition and co-management interventions 2016 2018427,000$
      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      OSRO/ETH/704/BEL Protecting the pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihoods of communities in drought affected regions of Ethiopia through innovative feed interventions 2017 2018500,000$
      OSRO/ETH/705/CHA Emergency livestock response to save lives and livelihoods of drought affected pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in three zones (Dollo, Korahey, and Shabelle) of Somali region of Ethiopia in response to persistent drought 2017 2018600,006$
      MTF /ETH/094/IFP Evaluation of the United Nations Joint Programme on Rural Women?s Economic Empowerment (JP-RWEE) 2016 202099,994$
      OSRO/ETH/610/CAN Urgent asset protection support to safeguard livestock-based livelihoods in drought-affected communities of Borena Zone in Oromia Region, ethiopia 2016 2018374,080$
      GCP /ETH/089/EC Strengthening Institutionalized Subnational Coordination Structures and Harmonization Mechanisms 2014 20182,857,284$
      UTF /ETH/086/ETH Implementation of a national forest monitoring and MRV system for REDD+ readiness in Ethiopia 2014 20183,915,349$
      GCP /ETH/088/GER Food Loss Reduction through Improved Postharvest Handling and Value-addition of Key Fruits and Vegetables 2016 20192,000,001$
      GCP /ETH/083/EC Pursuing Pastoral Resilience (PPR) through improved animal health service delivery in pastoral areas of Ethiopia 2014 201810,938,959$
      GCP /ETH/084/SWI Reducing Food Losses through Improved Postharvest management in Ethiopia Phase 1 2013 20183,351,040$
      UNJP/ETH/092/UID Technical Support for the Implementation of an Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (IAIP) in Ethiopia 2016 2018645,091$
      UNJP/ETH/093/UNJ Joint program on RURAL WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT/JP RWEE 2016 2018246,016$
      UNJP/ETH/091/UNJ Rural Women Economic Empowerment (RWEE) 2015 2018510,048$
      UNJP/ETH/090/CEF Integrated Nutrition Services:Multisectoral Interventions to Improve Nutrition Security and Strengthen Resilience (EC project with UNICEF as AA) 2014 20183,486,684$