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FAO project boosts capacity building in Southern African countries fighting small ruminant plague
A total population of 12 million sheep and goats in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia and 50 million in Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries are at great risk of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR), a disease that attacks small ruminants. FAO is currently...
05 Aug 2013
FAO smartphone app shows potential for improving disease surveillance and reporting in Uganda
FAO launched last August 2013 a pilot project for a mobile application to report disease outbreaks in ten districts in Uganda. Funded by the Government of Ireland under the One Health initiative, this pilot project represents the first time the application is being introduced...
05 Aug 2013
Highly hazardous pesticides should be phased out in developing countries
The tragic incident in Bihar, India, where 23 school children died after eating a school meal contaminated with monocrotophos, is an important reminder to speed up the withdrawal of highly hazardous pesticides from markets in developing countries, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)...
30 Jul 2013
UK Development Agency welcomes new focus on results and greater efficiency
DFID released summary MAR Update reports on 24 agencies last Thursday, 18 July 2013. Eighteen more will be published later this year. Each report shows how well DFID thinks agencies have addressed weaknesses identified by their original MAR in 2011. FAO and 11 other agencies...
22 Jul 2013
Halting land degradation in Niger helps to tackle African desertification
Kouloumboutey, Niger – When village people and local authorities in southern Niger won back over one hundred hectares of degraded land, they added one extra piece to a mosaic being laid across the Sahel and the Sahara aimed at tackling desertification and land degradation. Initiatives like...
18 Jul 2013
Agricultural investments can raise women’s income and improve lives
Land-related investments in agriculture can greatly impact rural people’s lives. One of the main conclusions drawn from four FAO studies is that women’s livelihoods were improved when private investors took measures to increase women’s participation in agricultural land-related investments. The benefits extended beyond the rural women...
17 Jul 2013
Three more countries provide improved access to their statistics with CountrySTAT
CountrySTAT is a statistical information system capable of managing food and agriculture data originating from a variety of national sources. In July 2013, three new CountrySTAT systems were launched in Burundi, Guinea-Bissau and Gambia.  CountrySTAT approach ensures long-term sustainability by developing the...
17 Jul 2013
粮农组织/世界粮食计划署联合发布的报告认为,如果冲突持续下去,叙利亚2014年的粮食前景将受到严重威胁 根据联合国粮食及农业组织(粮农组织)和世界粮食计划署(粮食计划署)最近联合发布的一份报告,过去一年来,叙利亚的粮食安全形势严重恶化。如果目前的冲突持续下去,在未来12个月里,国内农业产量将进一步下滑。
05 Jul 2013
SAFE, GOOD FOOD FOR EVERYONE: Countries celebrate 50th anniversary of Codex Alimentarius
As Codex Alimentarius, the world's top food standard body for consumer protection and fair practices in international food trade, celebrated its 50th anniversary, the FAO and WHO Directors-General and national governments united in their praise for its benefits. FAO and WHO carry out capacity...
02 Jul 2013
根据粮农组织的最新估计,阿尔及利亚的营养不足发生率已经从1990-1992年的5.2%降至2010-2012年的不足5%,因此该国已实现了千年发展目标1设定的消除饥饿目标。国内营养不足人数已从1990-1992年的140万减少到2010-2012年的120万。         更多信息: 粮农组织国别概况阿尔及利亚–粮食安全和食品安全 粮食安全指数
29 Jun 2013
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