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在6月16日粮农组织总部举行的高级别仪式期间受到表彰的三十八个国家中,有11个为非洲国家,它们是:阿尔及利亚、安哥拉, 贝宁、喀麦隆、吉布提、马拉维, 尼日尔、尼日尔, 尼日利亚、圣多美和普林西比、多哥。这对于即将在6月29日至7月1 日于亚的斯亚贝巴 召开的非洲和国际领导人高级别会议来说是一个十分良好的开端。
29 Jun 2013
“New, unified approaches to end hunger in Africa”
The African Union Commission, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Instituto Lula  have organized a meeting of African and international leaders to deliberate and endorse a radical approach to end Hunger in Africa by 2025, building on...
27 Jun 2013
Putting the right inputs in the hands of Niger’s farmers
€ 6 million multi-donor FAO programme in support of agricultural input shops run by farmer organizations achieves double yields. A five year, € 6 million multi-donor initiative to intensify agriculture has achieved yield increases of up to 100 percent in over half of Niger's...
27 Jun 2013
该岛国大半耕地和牲畜牧场受蝗虫侵扰. 马达加斯加面临蝗虫疫情失控的危险,有可能导致出现严重的粮食危机。急需赶在9月下个播种季节开始之前获得至少2200万美元。到目前为止,粮农组织呼吁向马达加斯加提供的紧急捐款仍有很大缺口。 粮农组织预计,到9月,蝗虫将蔓延至该国三分之二的地区。 约有1300万人的粮食安全和生计受到威胁,占该岛总人口的近60%。他们中有900万人直接依赖农业获得食物和收入。 More...
26 Jun 2013
Progress is proof that hunger can be eliminated
FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva formally recognized 38 countries for reducing hunger by half well ahead of international targets for the year 2015. More...
16 Jun 2013
EU will continue to foster resilience among poor, says Barroso
The European Union (EU) will continue to build long-term resilience among the most vulnerable, tackle the root causes of hunger and poverty and improve nutrition, said José Manuel Barroso, addressing the FAO Conference. More...
15 Jun 2013
FAO Conference admits three states to membership: Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, South Sudan
The FAO Conference 38th Session admitted to membership three States, i.e. Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and South Sudan.  The membership of FAO consists now of 194 Member States, one Member Organization (European Union) and two Associate Members (Faroe Islands and Tokelau).    
15 Jun 2013
38 countries meet anti-hunger targets for 2015
Thirty-eight countries have met internationally-established targets in the fight against hunger, chalking up successes ahead of a deadline set for 2015, FAO confirmed. The countries achieving MDG 1 alone were identified as: Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Benin,
12 Jun 2013
Italy donates EUR 6 million to FAO for agricultural development, emergencies
Sets priority countries, activities for working with FAO Italy has announced it will contribute an additional EUR 6 million to support FAO's strategic priorities including EUR 1 million towards the Organization's emergency programme. Food security has traditionally been the focus of Italy/FAO cooperation with projects ranging from support...
06 Jun 2013
OECD-FAO expect slower global agricultural production growth
Market position of developing countries will increase with significant economic benefits - Special focus on China The OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2013-2022 expects prices to remain above historical averages over the medium term for both crop and livestock products due to a combination of...
06 Jun 2013
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