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EU and FAO help six countries achieve Millennium Development Goal on hunger

25/09/2013 - 

Less than two years before the deadline set to achieve international development goals, the European Union (EU) and FAO step up their efforts to reduce world hunger assisting two million people in six countries with agricultural development activities worth nearly €60 million.

The funding comes from a €1 billion EU initiative that aims to foster speedier progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Under the so-called MDG-initiative, the EU and FAO focus on agricultural development involving smallholder farmers and their families, targeting two million people in six countries.

In Burundi, activities will focus on the production and processing of food stuffs, such as cassava and corn, as well as cash crops, including palm oil and tea.

Promoting the production and marketing of staple crops, such as sorghum and millet, as well as vegetables and products from trees like the baobab, is at the heart of a three year €16 million programme in Burkina Faso, aiming to improve the livelihoods of over 500 000 people.

In the Gambia, FAO and the EU will help farmers grow vegetables and develop their skills to sell them on the market. 

Farmers in Haiti are being trained to increase their production of peanuts and fish under a three year €4 million programme involving some 12 000 people.

A three year  €12.5 million operation in Madagascar targeting 750 000 people aims to provide small famers with quality seeds of rice, coconut and sweet potatoes and help them in setting up a small business.

A five year, €19 million programme in Mozambique aims to increase agricultural production, help farmers get better access to markets and improve nutrition with an array of activities ranging from the provision of quality seeds and fertilizers to training in health, hygiene and nutritional practices.