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about the project

The Food Security and Complex Emergencies information portal is a comprehensive online database that focuses on various aspects of emergencies as they relate to food security. This multilingual site presents information from reliable data sources, including FAO, in a variety of formats to meet the diverse needs of different actors in the food security arena.

Search for information using thematic areas, type of resource or by country.

New Publications

  Policies, Practice and Participation in Complex Emergencies: The Case of Livestock Interventions in South Sudan (Working paper)

  Changes And Potential Resilience Of Food Systems In The Nuba Mountains Conflict (Working paper)

  Workshop Report

news and events

 International Workshop: Food Security and Crisis in Countries Subject to Complex Emergencies, September 23-25 2003, Tivoli, Italy

"The frequency and severity of devastating droughts, floods and storms have increased dramatically. So too have the destruction and human suffering caused by civil strife and the collapse into chaos of countries shattered by what have come to be called complex emergencies...The world may never be free from disaster. But we can improve our ability to prepare, respond and rebuild."

Jacques Diouf, Director-General, FAO

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