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This section focuses on FAO and non-FAO conferences, workshops, training courses and other events in the field of dairy production and products in developing countries. Additional information on the event can be seen by clicking on the name of the event.

15th African Dairy Conference & Exhibition

Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi, Kenya
14/08/2019 - 16/08/2019

12th World Buffalo Congress

Istanbul, Turkey
18/09/2019 - 20/09/2019

The congress is expected to provide a bridge between East and West; South and North that addresses key issues relevant to buffalo production, the research and science communities, national and international regulatory bodies, policymakers and consumer organizations.

The theme of the World Buffalo Congress 2019 is “Efficient Production for the World”. Global warming,...

IDF World Dairy Summit

Istanbul, Turkey
23/09/2019 - 26/09/2019

13th International Conference on Goats

Eger, Hungary
14/09/2020 - 17/09/2020