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3rd International Symposium on “Milk, driver of Development”

Location Dakar, Senegal
From 12 June 2019 to 13 June 2019

In many parts of the world, regardless of the climate, milk plays an important role in everyday life. Produced from various domesticated ruminant species, milk and dairy products are a unique driver of development. The diversity of practices, technologies and processes that are used, depending on the country, is huge and involves a wide range of stakeholders along the supply chain. Due to their high cultural values, dairy products often constitute a priceless heritage that is threatened by increasing competition and market globalization. With their high nutritive value, milk and dairy products also play a crucial role in the local economies, in food security, as well as in the development of local communities.

After its first two editions held in 2014 in Rennes (France) and in 2017 in Rabat (Morocco), the 3rd international symposium on “Milk, driver of Development” will take place in Dakar (Senegal) in June 2019. It aims to promote exchanges of experience about the diversity of local development pathways based on milk production and transformation, and to promote original initiatives and networks in the field of  research and development. The 2019 edition will highlight the central role of women and poors in this development and will allow to better assess, through various examples, the influence of processing industries and public policies  in sustainable dairy development.

The main ambition of this symposium is to foster coordination of actions around milk development in the developing countries, including research, training or support projects. Expected results will consist of initiating new research and development projects, networks and innovative approaches.