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©FAO/Luis Tato

Members of a pastoralist family milking cows


27 January 2020, Amudat, Uganda - Members of a pastoralist family milk cows early in the morning in the village of Napao in Amudat, Uganda next to the Kenyan border...

Arpan Basu Chowdhury

A sustainable dairy


India was and still is the biggest milk producer in the world. More than 50% of the milk in India has been produced from the unorganised sector. In every Indian...

©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti

Improving the livelihoods of Syrian women through empowering vulnerable crisis-affected households


29 August 2019, Roccaverano, Italy - Beneficiaries of the joint FAO and Slow Food Project being showed by farmer Daniela how Robiola cheese is made during a visit to Amaltea...

Tito James Kibona

Milk from local goats


Goat's milk is an essential source of nutrition in rural areas of Babati in northern Tanzania

©FAO/Karen Minasyan

Lori cheese processing


15 May 2019, Vardaghbiur, Shirak region, Armenia - Employers work at Cheese factory producing a local cheese called Lori, made from cow milk. Despite a considerable economic growth and improvements...

©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti



23 July 2019, Monterotondo, Rome, Italy - Female buffaloes graze at Giancarlo d'Angelo dairy Farm where Buffalo Mozzarella is produced. Buffalo Mozzarellas are entirely produced from whole buffalo milk, made...

©FAO/Maxim Zmeyev

Dairy cows

Russian Federation

24 July 2019, Voronezh Region, Russian Federation. Cows eat in a barn at the Novomarkovka Dairy Farm.

Dr Faslu Rahman CK

Caring Vets: Growing dairy


A photograph of feeding colostrum to a newborn calf by young lady vets in cattle breeding farm in Thumburmuzhy, Kerala, India. The role of women in the veterinary profession is...

Matthew ngeno

Dairy production


Human health relies on healthy animals. Milk boosts child development and healthy animals allow farmers to deliver a safe supply of milk to the family and community.

FAO/Fernando Reyes Pantoja

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Transformación productos lácteos.

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