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Matthew ngeno

Dairy production


Human health relies on healthy animals. Milk boosts child development and healthy animals allow farmers to deliver a safe supply of milk to the family and community.

FAO/Fernando Reyes Pantoja

Transformación productos lácteos


Transformación productos lácteos.


Women drinking milk


SFER/GLO/005/MUL Early Action window: FAO's Early Warning Early Action uses risk analysis and forecasts to trigger interventions before a crisis escalates into a humanitarian emergency.

05 May 2018, Mongolia - In...

Robin Hammond/NOOR for FAO / FAO

FAO Enhanced Resilience through Increased Economic Opportunities for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities program


Mahamud Abdurrahman, a Syrian Under Temporary Protection (SuTP), a beneficiary of the FAO Enhanced Resilience through Increased Economic Opportunities for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities program, now working full time...

Matthew ngeno

Dairy production


Kenya's dairy industry is one of the largest and sophisticated in Africa. With an estimated 5 billion litres of milk produced in the country, the dairy industry is an important player in the...

©FAO/Nabegh Ahmed

FAO project OSRO/SYR/601/EC Strengthening the resilience to food insecurity of crisis-affected households and communities


27 June 2018, Homs - Hama Governatorate, Syria - FAO, with the support of EU, supported 1000 farmers in Hama and Homs governorate by establishing two milk processing units managed...

©FAO/Moayed Alshaibani

OSRO/YEM/504/EC: Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen


Al Hudaydah, Yemen - Female workers prepare raw milk for selling at the local market. FAO project OSRO/YEM/504/EC: Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen. It is funded by the EC and...

©FAO/IFAD/WFP/Michael Tewelde

Pastoralists in Ethiopia


Somali Region, Ethiopia - FAO supported animal fodder and restocking project Human and Animal Health Post. The heads of the three UN food agencies are visiting Ethiopia to highlight the...

©FAO/Tofik Babayev

GCP/SEC/001/TUR - Cattle Production Improvement Module for SEC countries


25 May 2017, Imishli District, Muradkhanly village, Azerbaijan - A cooling system for milk storage.

©Patrick Zachmann/Magnum Photos

The strategy of local networks for productive integration


27 July 2017, Morroa Municipality, Cambimba village, Colombia - Orlando Ruiz Mendes during milking process with his cows. Orlando is a farmer, living in Pertenencia region, Sucre department, northern Colombia...

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