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Curriculum vitae of Dr Jacques Diouf



Jacques Diouf
FAO Director-General


The 2001 statements, speeches and messages of FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf on special occasions at headquarters and at international meetings and events are collected here.


The effects of foot-and-mouth disease and other animal diseases on world food security
Brussels, Belgium, 12 December 2001
(only in French)

Statement on the Official Launch of the International Year of Mountains 2002, delivered in United Nations
New York, United States of America, 11 December 2001

Address at the World Food Day Ceremony at FAO Headquarters
Rome, Italy, 16 October 2001
(available also in chinese and in italian)

Statement to the 10th Meeting of Group of 77 inter-governmental follow-up and co-ordination Committee on Economic co-operation among developing countries (IFCC-X)
Teheran, Iran, 19 August 2001

HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Hunger
Speech delivered to the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on HIV/AIDS

New York, United States of America, 25 June 2001

Perspectives on Hunger, Poverty and Agriculture in Africa
Keynote Address by Jacques Diouf at the National Gathering on Africa
Washington, D.C, United States of America, 23 June 2001

The Contract between Society and Agriculture:
Achievements and Failures

Speech by Director-General of FAO at the World Agricultural Forum, St Louis, Missouri, USA
St Louis, United States of America, 20 May 2001

Genetically Modified Crops - Why? Why not?
Address by the Director-General of FAO to The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
International Conference

Stockholm, Sweden, 14-15 May 2001

Meeting Basic Needs
Statement by the Director-General of FAO at the FAO Panel on Agriculture and Sustainable Food Security in Africa: Meeting Basic Needs
New York, United States of America, 27 April 2001




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