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Director-General  Qu Dongyu

Italy’s Prime Minister meets with FAO Director-General


16 October 2019, Rome – Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy visited FAO for World Food Day and met with Director-General Qu Dongyu during the World Food Day celebrations, at which he proposed that Italy host a planned United Nations summit on food systems in 2021.

The Director-General thanked the prime minister for Italy’s support for FAO and for proposing – during Conte’s keynote speech - the country as a venue for the summit.

In their meeting, Qu underscored his appreciation for the clear and strong support of the Italian government for FAO’s events and projects, noting in particular Italy’s nutritional advocacy for the Mediterranean Diet. He called Italy, in whose capital FAO, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Programme are based, a food harbor.

The prime minister offered his best wishes for FAO’s birthday and World Food Day ceremonies around the world.