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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

FAO Director-General shows Resilience Plan to South Sudan's Vice-President

Graziano da Silva emphasizes importance of peace to rebuild livelihoods

20 September 2017, New York - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today showed FAO’s Resilience Strategy for South Sudan (2016-2018) to Taban Deng Gai, Vice-President of the war-torn country.

Building on FAO’s portfolio of interventions in South Sudan over the past three years, the guiding objective is to increase the resilience of local livelihoods, bolster protections for the most vulnerable population groups, and enhance productive sectors that support sustainable livelihoods, while also reducing vulnerability to shocks.

Graziano da Silva met Deng Gai on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly for discussions that focused on the importance of peace to enable farmers to get back to their lands and rebuild their livelihoods. 

Graziano da Silva called on the South Sudanese government to ease the conditions for the delivery of humanitarian aid and rebuilding livelihoods, ensuring the safety of civilians.

Noting the country’s agricultural potential, Graziano da Silva reiterated FAO’s long-term commitment to the people and prosperity of South Sudan, where an estimated 80 percent of the country relies on agriculture for their livelihoods.