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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

Ugandan livestock minister discusses investment needs in African agriculture during FAO visit

Public and private sector both have a key role to play
©FAO/Giulio Napolitano
FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva meeting T.H. Bright Rwamirama Minister of State for Animal Industry, Uganda. FAO headquarters.

14 October 2013, Rome, Italy - Uganda’s Minister of State for Animal Industry Bright Kanyontore Rwamirama met with FAO Director-General José Graziano Silva today for talks on strengthening rural economies in Africa.

The meet took place following an event at FAO which showcased the successes of FAO’s Food Security through Commercialization of Agriculture in Eastern Programme (FSCA), established in 2006 and currently operating in 34 countries in East and West Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean

With financial backing from Italy to the tune of nearly $50 million, FAO is partnering with participating governments under the FCSA programme to provide policy guidance, capacity building and promote the transfer of modern farming technologies and agricultural best practices, with the goal of transforming smallholder and family farms into micro-businesses.

The Minister expressed his thanks to FAO and the government of Italy for their work in East Africa under FSCA, noting that both the program as well as FAO’s new strategic objective 4 on improving the sustainability and inclusiveness of food systems are in close sync with agricultural development policies in the region.

According to Bright, in Uganda the FCSA programme is framed bya set of national medium-term development priorities articulated in the country’s National Development Plan (NDP) and Agriculture Sector Development Strategy and Investment Plan (DSIP). These instruments aim at achieving growth, employment and prosperity and within which adding value to agricultural products, improving farmers’access to markets, and promoting trade are priority intervention areas, he said.

Additionally, the two men discussed investments needs in African agriculture, noting the importance not only of increasing public sector support for the sector but also the need to partner with the private sector to promote responsible investments in sustainable food production.

Graziano da Silva also thanked the Minister for his participation in the ministerial meeting on price volatility, held last week at FAO..

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