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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

FAO and the Kyrgyz Republic agree to expand cooperation

Graziano da Silva meets with State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration
FAO Director-General with State Secretary of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration.

2 April 2014, Bucharest, Romania – FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva met today with State Secretary of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration Nurlan Duisheev, on the margins of the 29th FAO Regional Conference for Europe.

Following the talks, Duisheev said he was happy to have a “very fruitful exchange of opinions between the closest partner of the Kyrgyz Government on the way of building a strong and effective agriculture  and the FAO.”

The Director-General and Duisheev discussed the Kyrgyz National Development Strategy – 2017 where development of food processing, trade and logistics to save food produced are the national priority.

Duisheev noted that another cause of food losses in the country was outdated tractors and agricultural machinery.     

The State Secretary reported that agricultural science in his country requires support. Due to shortages in the Kyrgyz state budget. the country has been unable to adequately fund this important area for agricultural development and requested FAO for support.

The two also discussed the issue of agro-meteo forecasting development in the Kyrgyz Republic, in partnership with donors and international organizations.