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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

The UK champions for good and reliable information against food price spikes

AMIS’s next chairman to promote more transparency for greater certainty in the markets

FAO Director-General with the United Kingdom’s Under-Secretary of State for Natural Environment, Water and Rural Affairs.

7 October 2014, Rome - “One of the things we learned from the food price spikes in 2008 is that good and reliable information can help mitigate them and reduce some of the volatility in the markets”, the United Kingdom’s Under-Secretary of State for Natural Environment, Water and Rural Affairs, George Eustice, said yesterday after a meeting with FAO Director-General.

Eustice was in Rome to attend a ministerial meeting hosted by the Organization to review the way international agricultural commodity markets are governed.

FAO Director-General praised the United Kingdom the support to the Agricultural Market Information System, which Eustice described as an effective tool to ensure transparent exchange of information on food commodities’ balances, including stocks.

AMIS, launched in 2011, gathers international data on commodity stocks and production trends and also offers a policy forum for rapid and coordinated responses to critical situations if needed.

Eustice informed Da Silva on the preparations for an international meeting on measuring commodity stocks, to be held in London in November.

Enhancing market transparency

The United Kingdom will chair AMIS for the coming year, taking over from Australia at the upcoming meeting of the Global Food Market Information Group to be held at FAO (9-10 October 2014).

“We are very keen to promote more reliable information on food stocks and more transparency of information so that the markets have more certainty about what is there,” Eustice said, adding that this will allow to “remove some of the fear that drives sharp spikes in prices.”

The Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)

FAO Director-General and the UK’s Under-Secretary discussed achievements of the High-Level Meeting on Nutrition organized in London on 7 June 2013, in which Graziano da Silva participated.

In line with this, he encouraged the UK government to play key role in preparing the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), FAO’s major international event in 2014.

He emphasized the importance of achieving concrete action-oriented outcomes at the Conference and invited the UK, including the nation’s parliamentarians, to take active part in it.

The UK is organizing an ICN-2 side event on "Global Nutrition report and Global Hunger Index" to launch the 1st Global Nutrition Report.