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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

The Netherlands committed to fight food losses and food waste

Dutch Minister of Agriculture meets FAO Director General to express the country's will to cooperate with FAO
©FAO/Alessia Pierdomenico
FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva meeting with Sharon Dijksma, Minister for Agriculture of The Netherlands

9 June 2015, Rome - "I really believe that the fact that so many people are still starving and at the same time so much food is wasted is really a big shame,” said The Netherlands’  Minister for Agriculture, Sharom Dijksma, today after a meeting with FAO Director General in the frame of FAO Conference.

Dijksma expressed her concern about food waste and food losses both in the developing world, "where you see many problems post-harvest", but also in the western world, "where consumers also waste a tremendous amount of food, which is something we are worried about”.

The Minister showed her country’s commitment to tackle this issue. "Since we are a country which says you should practice what you preach, we will help during this Conference find ideas and practical solutions and financing mechanisms in order to get rid of this issue,” stated the Minister.

The Minister recalled that the G20 is also putting in place a platform "to get rid of  food waste and food losses not only as an idea but in practice,” she said.

Agricultural Cooperation

Dijksma express The Netherlands will to contribute with their technology and expertise, which is "needed for many countries to solve their issues and develop and professionalize their agriculture."

Public-private Partnerships

The Minister highlighted FAO partnerships’ approach,  the one between  Dutch company Rabobank and FAO being a good example. “Public-private partnerships are essential to be effective and bring practical solutions to smallholder farmers which they can really rely on"

The minister also seized the opportunity to congratulate FAO Director General for his recent and convincing reelection.