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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and FAO to boost joint development efforts

Fostering knowledge sharing and technology transfers between developing countries

29 November 2015, Rome – FAO and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) agreed today to strengthen their cooperation to foster institutional capacity development, improve technology and enhance experience transfer in areas such as crop production technologies, pest and soil management and animal health, and to do so through ways that support the sharing of resources between developing countries.   

Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture and CAAS President Jiayang Li and FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva signed the agreement at a ceremony held at FAO’s headquarters in Rome.

Graziano da Silva noted how the Beijing-based CAAS has substantively contributed to agricultural and rural development in China and that this has had an impact beyond the country’s borders. “These efforts and achievements in improving global food security and nutrition have been widely appreciated and recognized by the international community,” the FAO Director-General added.

Enhancing South-South Cooperation

“The agreement signed today provides a sound instrument to further support our efforts of eradication of hunger and extreme poverty,” Graziano da Silva said, noting how cooperation with CAAS, which first began more than 40 years ago, will contribute to FAO’s South-South Cooperation (SSC) partnerships in which China has been playing an important role.

“If there is a country that can give lessons to the world on how to eradicate poverty, that is China. We should use that expertise in poverty alleviation around the world,” said Graziano da Silva.

“Through this expanded collaboration with FAO, CAAS will be able to contribute with its experience and expertise to solving the problems of world food insecurity and improving food safety in a sustainable way,” said Jiayang Li.We are ready to share our knowledge and ideas with other countries, including expertise in hybrid technologies to improve rice yields and disease management of crops and animals,” he added.

Under the agreement, FAO and CAAS will also work together to improve agricultural mechanization, bioenergy, development, water management, including irrigation, resilience strategies, market analyses and food security information systems.

In June, the Government of China signed a $50 million agreement with FAO to support  the South-South Cooperation programme including through the deployment over the next five years of Chinese agricultural experts to support development efforts particularly in low-income food-deficit areas of Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Graziano da Silva noted that CAAS has an important role to play in further strengthening the cooperation towards the achievement of common goals.

At the meeting, Graziano da Silva praised China's efforts to tackle food insecurity both in the country and globally.

Photo gallery of the signature ceremony