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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

FAO Director-General meets Sudan’s Minister for Agriculture and Forestry

Sudanese development plan puts strong focus on agriculture

3 December 2015, Rome - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today met with Sudan’s Federal Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Ibrahim Adam Ahmed Al-Dekhairi, for talks that focused on the ongoing collaboration between the Organization and Sudan.

The Minister presented the main elements of the Sudanese five-year Strategic Development Plan, which aims at creating a major positive transformation of the Sudanese economy. These include a strong focus on agriculture, water usage, technology transfer as well as capacity-building for producers and technicians.

In their discussions which took place at the margins of the meeting of FAO’s executive Council, Graziano da Silva underscored that FAO stands ready to provide technical support to the Ministry, in particular regarding the Comprehensive Agricultural Census that is foreseen for 2016 and its fundraising process.

The FAO head also noted the “crucial importance” of compliance to technical norms and standards for export activities. Taking the example of livestock and the issues related to trans boundary diseases, the Director-General suggested to the Minister that a cooperation programme could be drawn up to improve the quality of standards and norms of livestock.

The Minister thanked FAO and the Director-General for their relentless efforts of putting food security, food safety and nutrition in the centre of the international agenda. In particular, he highlighted the support of FAO’s country office in Khartoum in a wide range of activities including the preparation for the Comprehensive Agricultural Census, the National Investment Plan as well as the improvement of information management and the close collaboration between the Ministry and the Organization’s representative, Mr. Abdi Jama.

Climate change’s impact in agriculture

Minister Al-Dekhairi informed the FAO chief on ongoing forest restoration efforts, noting that a number of decrees were issued recently in order to reverse deforestation and protect the forests of Sudan.

Both principals also discussed the implications climate change for global food security: “Sudan has a number of farming systems. One of them is rain-fed agriculture, which is totally dependent of rainfall. We all know that erratic patterns of rainfall influenced by climate change is impacting productivity and the livelihoods of people,” the Minister said.

While noting that all countries will be impacted by adverse consequences of climate change, FAO Director-General warned that Sudan is among the countries to be most affected. “It’s therefore essential to ensure that climate change issues become a constant point of attention and reference in the coming years in all related national policies”, he said.