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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

FAO and IFPRI deepen relationship

New 4-year agreement to better track progress on nutrition and food security

4 December 2015, Rome -- FAO and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) are embarking on a four-year partnership to improve diets, strengthen agricultural research to combat hunger, and track international progress toward more food security and better nutrition.  

More specifically, the two agencies will collaborate on important areas such as policy guidelines for healthy diets and to develop a diet-diversity index.

Drawing on IFPRI’s strength in research and FAO’s access to policy processes, they will also work on policy and analysis relating to sustainable food systems to improve food security and nutrition at the country level.

The agreement was signed just before the launch, earlier today, of a shared FAO-IFPRI online platform to measure and reduce food loss and waste – another component of today’s agreement.

The new information-sharing and coordination network will involve diverse partners, including international organisations, development banks, NGOs and the private sector, to tackle the global challenges of food loss and waste.

Taking place at the same time as the UN Climate Conference in Paris, the FAO-IFPRI agreement further outlines joint collaboration on the effects of climate change and other global crises, which would include building models that can be applied to assess the options available to enhance food security under different future scenarios.

As the international community sets out to achieve the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals, FAO and IFPRI will also work together to develop indicators to track and monitor the progress countries are making towards the food security and nutrition related goals outlined in the  new global development agenda.

Finally, both agencies agree to collaborate on the FAO-led Decade of Action on Nutrition, which will begin in 2016, and the IFPRI-led Compact2025, a global knowledge and innovation hub to support action-oriented strategies to eliminate hunger and undernutrition.