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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

Meeting with Ghana's delegation at FAO's Regional Conference for Africa

Talks on aquaculture projects

8 April 2016, Abidjan - FAO Director-General met with Ghana’s delegation attending the Regional Conference, headed by the Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development,  Sherry Ayittey, accompanied by the Deputy-Minister of Food and Agriculture, Hanna Louisa Bisiw.

Discussions focused on the theme of this year’s Regional Conference - “Transforming African Agri-food systems for inclusive growth and a shared prosperity” -  and also on  progress in the deployment of the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund, in particular as regards an ongoing aquaculture project in the country. FAO has supported Ghana in developing a national Aquaculture policy.

The ministers also thanked FAO for the support the government received from FAO’s office in Accra. 

The Ghanaian officials noted how efficiently the country had handled the recent outbreak of avian influenza, an effort involving several partners including FAO. The partnership allowed for the rapid containment of the disease’s spread in West Africa.