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Director General  José Graziano da Silva

New FAO-China partnership to broaden scope of successful collaboration

Agreement signed in Xi’an, the historic starting point of the Silk Road

FAO Director-General with China's Agriculture Minister, Han Changfu,

4 June 2016, Rome –China and FAO agreed to broaden the scope of their successful collaboration over recent decades, devising a deeper set of synergies aimed at promoting rural development along the ancient Silk Road and around the world.

FAO and China commit to “Establishing a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Partnership,” according to the Memoranum of Understanding signed by FAO Director-General and China’s Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu.

The new agreement aims to build on more than 40 years of collaboration between FAO and China, which in recent years has delivered successful initiatives in South-South Cooperation for food security and nutrition. China has been one of the largest contributors to the SSC, both in financial terms as well in by offering extensive experience, knowledge and technologies.

The MoU is designed to create synergies and promote complementarities between FAO’s Strategic Programmes and Regional Initiatives and China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, a vast infrastructure investment program linking Asia and Europe and extending to Oceania and East Africa.

FAO Director-General noted China’s strong leadership on food security and nutrition efforts during its G20 Presidency and highlighted how China’s contributions in providing both financial and technical support to South-South Cooperation Programmes have been widely praised by governments and FAO.

The MoU was signed in Xi’an, the historic starting point of the Silk Road that allowed silk, horses, gold and ideas to flow between East Asia and the western reaches of the Roman Empire. 
Among its priorities is to roll out a number of flagship programmes for agricultural and rural development in countries and regions along that historic route, including China itself as well as in Africa.

The MoU also reiterates FAO’s commitment and availability to support China’s efforts to modernize its national agricultural sector and eliminate poverty, in line with the country’s 13th Five-Year Plan.

Success in tackling hunger

Since 1990, China has successfully lifted 138 million people out of chronic hunger and reached the World Food Summit Goal, in addition to reaching the Millennium Development Goal of halving the prevalence of hunger ahead of the 2015 deadline.

FAO has provided technical support to over 400 agricultural projects benefiting tens of millions of people across the country.

Overseas, China has been one of the strongest proponents of the South-South approach to development cooperation.

This programme helped transform the rural livelihoods in more than 20 countries of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South Pacific, with the deployment of experts and scientists.

These Chinese experts worked together with local institutions to support farmers and effectively transfer appropriate technologies and practices. 

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